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OsstellConnect  simplifies patient communication in implant dentistry. It's a free tool for Osstell customers, designed to visually explain treatment plans and use color coding for clarity. 

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Visualize the treatment plan

Use OsstellConnect to seamlessly communicate and show the progress of your patients' treatment plans through compelling visuals.

This innovative tool not only gives your patients a crystal-clear understanding of their dental journey, but also significantly increases their confidence, promoting a greater likelihood of accepting proposed treatment plans.

Increase patient engagement and understanding with OsstellConnect's intuitive visual aids.

Involve the team

Interacting with patients and adressing their inquiries becomes effortless with OsstellConnect. The entire team can readily respond to patient questions as they arise, fostering a sense of involvement among all staff members in ensuring a positive patient experience. 

Provide clear take-home treatment summaries

Simplify communication through visual displays and provide a comprehensive handout summarizing the entire treatment plan for patients after the consultation.

OsstellConnect effortlessly generates PDF reports, giving patients a clear and concise overview of their treatment plan to take home.

This approach enhances patient understanding, fosters confidence in the treatment process, and ensures that patients are well-prepared for each visit, reducing anxiety about potential discomfort associated with upcoming appointments.


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