When is that implant ready?
Lecture by Dr. Jeff Ganeles at Osstell's 11th Scientific Symposium at the EAO Congress 2019.

When is that implant ready?

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When is that implant ready?

Principles and rationale and for using resonance frequency in clinical decision making.


By Dr. Jeff Ganeles at Osstell Scientific Symposium at the EAO Congress 2019


Patients have always wanted reduced "time to teeth" without risking problems or failures. The improvements in implant surfaces and understanding about the biologic processes of osseointegration make it reasonable to give patients what they want- less waiting time to complete implant dentistry. Measuring stability with Osstell and introducing objective ISQ measurements into clinical decision making get dentists confidence to restore sooner, and patients to accept and value treatment more. Essentially, this technology is more than a gimmick, it provides actionable information that benefits the doctor and patient.




Why watch this lecture?

Educate yourself about the healing events leading to osseointegration and subseqent restoration.

 Examples, indications and recommendations for use of different loading intervals will be presented.

Dr. Jeff Ganeles

Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology