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Step into a new era of patient-centered dental care with OsstellConnect! Our platform is designed to enhance patient communication throughout the dental implant journey. With OsstellConnect, you'll bridge the gap of communication, ensuring your patients are informed, engaged, and confident every step of the way.
And you know what the best part is? You as a customer already have this for free.

Communicate easily with the new ConsultationTool

With the new ConsultationTool in OsstellConnect you can easily describe the different steps of a proposed procedure in a science-based, easyto-understand way from surgery to final restoration with estimations of time between the different procedures. This helps ease the anxiety of the patient not feeling confident of the situation as can commonly occur.

OsstellConnect – Always evolving

Right now OsstellConnect delivers a multitude of functionalities, seamlessly integrated in the Osstell ISQ technology, that help you to communicate the procedure in an easy-to-understand manner to your patient.


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Take control over your data

OsstellConnect collects and presents data around all aspects of the implant procedure, with clear and easy-to-understand graphs to help you and your team manage and improve treatment.

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